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Construction Manual

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The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has developed this Construction Manual to provide guidance and assistance to Department personnel in the practice and procedure for all construction related to highways as authorized by the State Legislature. This Construction Manual documents Department policies and prescribes procedures for new highway construction and highway improvements. This Manual is directed primarily to Department construction personnel and consultant inspectors retained under agreement by the Department. The Construction Manual consists of the following parts:

Part A – Construction Section Organization: Provides an overview of the Construction section and the responsibilities and duties of each of the various positions.

Part B – Department & Agency Organization and Coordination: Provides and overview of the Department and the responsibilities of the some of the division that make up the Department.

Part C – Contract Administration: Describes the different parts of the Contract and provides information on the responsibilities of the inspector regarding contract administration.

Part D – Office/Field Practices and Procedures: Describes general record keeping and inspection procedures to be used throughout the duration of construction projects and provides the inspectors manual for reference.

Part E - Standard Construction Procedures and Equipment: Describes, in conjunction with the Standard Specifications, the different aspects of construction, and gives explanations of the contractor’s work, inspection procedures, and general hints about conducting successful field operations. Provides the most common types of construction activities and the various types of equipment used to build the projects, providing both general features of operation and information specific to inspection and equipment to perform the work.

Part H - Standard Forms: Provides examples of many of the forms inspectors will encounter during a construction project.

Part I - Glossary: Provides definitions and explanations of most of the construction terms that appear in the Manual or are used in the field.

Part J - Appendices: Contains English/metric conversion charts, the most commonly used mathematical formula used in field inspection work and other useful references such as information regarding the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), inspector’s forms, reference letter, etc.

This Manual is intended to be used with the Specifications and its Supplements. Therefore, numerous references to the Specifications have been included in the Manual. These references are annotated in brackets at the end of the sentence or paragraph to which they refer. For example, in Part A, Section A2.00, the Chain of Command is referenced in the Standard Specifications as follows: [ 105.01][105.02]. Using this Construction Manual and these references, inspectors will be able to better understand the requirements of the Contract and what they must do to ensure those requirements are met. The reader has to know if the project references the 2001 Standard Specifications verses the 2016. Revisions to the Manual will be made periodically by the Construction Manual Committee.


The DelDOT Construction Manual electronic first draft was officially released on April 28, 2017. Please feel free to provide comments to Construction Manual Administrator at . We are currently working on the following sections:

  1. . Part E – Standard Construction Procedures and Equipment
  2. . Part F – eConstruction

Our Construction Manual Re-write Committee will review all major comments and make changes as deemed necessary on a quarterly basis. Minor edits will be made more frequently by the Construction Manual Re-write Administrator.

Recent Changes

Date Page Section Summary
9/xx/2020 Part F - eConstruction Unifier Videos Inspector Daily Report, Change Order, and Progress Estimate videos have been updated to reflect newer version of Unifier
10/28/2020 All Pages All Sections Converted site to new hosting site and Mediawiki backend

Procedures for Making Changes

Please submit comments to The Construction Manual Re-write Committee will review all major comments on a quarterly basis and make the necessary changes as deemed necessary by the Committee. Major changes are changes that impact the content and business delivery of DelDOT such as specification, forms, payment, etc. The Committee will work with sections within DelDOT and partners i.e. FHWA, DNREC, etc. to provide the most up to date Manual that is in accordance with policies, regulations, and best practices for the administration of DelDOT contracts. Minor revisions are considered to be spelling, grammar corrections that do not require the review of the Construction Manual Re-write Committee. The Minor edits will be made by the Construction Manual Re-write Administrator on a more frequent basis.